Water treatment system, also called water filtration sterlizer system, is the process of purifying the raw water by a series equipment and devices to be drinkable. This system is to remove the suspended solid, color & smell, bacteria, and microbe, metal hydronium and chemical pollution contained in the raw water. The water purification process affects the quality of the products, as well as the transportation and sale. Thus, in the real operation, it’s effective to have some remainder of the disinfectant to kill the bacteria infected during the transportation. The water treatment system in Topling adopts the modern, energy-saving, and effective membrane separate technology, ozone sterilizing and UV sterilizing to guarantee the production safely and healthily. The water treatment equipment includes silica sand filter, active carbon filter, sodium-ion exchanger, precision filter, reverse osmosis, hollow fiber filter, ozone generator, ozone mixing tank and water tank, etc.

Water Treatment System

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