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Steel Ribbed Wire Making Machine




1.1      Model                                    GM130

1.2      Wire Dia.                                Φ4.0-12.0mm(Max.)

1.3      Wire Processing Parts                    From 12mm to 4mm

1.4      Suitable for inlet wire rigidity         <550Mpa

1.5      Suitable for wire material               Steel Round wire

1.6      Control system                           Inverters(SIEMENS )

1.7      Speed of drawing                         135 m/min. (max.)

1.8      Main motor power                         AC 45kW 380V

1.9      Cooling system                            Lubricating oil Circulate cooling

1.10 Take up type                                  Circular disc

1.11    Main power                                 380v-3P-50Hz

1.12    Main motor                                AC45Kw

1.13    Human-computer Interface                  1set

1.14    PLC                                        SIEMENS



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