This QGF series barreled water filling line is mainly used to produce bottled water with volume from 3 gallon to 5 gallon. And different models can offer production capacity from 100 to 2000 B/H. The whole production process operates as follows: Empty barrel are conveyed stably by conveying belt into decapping machine, which will remove bottle caps. Those caps can be recycled after being cleaned and disinfected. Then barrel are conveyed into the external brush washing machine to take all-round rinsing with hot alkali and pure water. After rinsed, barrel will be sent to rinsing filling capping machine, where bottles are rinsed inside with hot alkali, disinfectant liquid and pure water. and then barrel is filled with pure water provided by water treatment system. Then after capped, those barreled water is sent to shrink packing machine in which shrink packaging of caps is done. The whole production process is controlled by PLC, so this barreled water production line is automatic. through control panel, users can monitor visually working conditions of each machine section and operate conveniently.

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