NAME:Complete Water Filling Bottling Machine Production Line Turnkey Project

Water Filling Bottling Machine Line Turnkey Project

Product Parameter

Water Production Line from A to Z

The machine is mainly used for washing, filling sealing Non-Aerated carbon dioxide drink such as mineral water, pure water, non-gas wine drink and so on,The machine design is shorten the time for the drink material contact with outside,Increase the sanitation condition and throughout economy benefit. The washing, filling and capping will be finished just by this one machine. Convenient to change bottle size by means of advanced bottle conveying technology–bottleneck clamping & bottle suspending technology. It is innovated and designed in the requirement of water filling technics, on the bases of introducing, digesting and absorbing advanced technology abroad. It is reasonable in structure, safe to operate and easy to maintain, which is an ideal choice for beverage producers.

 Main features

. Bottle in feed

  • Bottle in feed by combination of in feed screw and in feed star wheel
  • Equipped with bottle jam protection device.
  1. Rinser
  • The rotary wheel is a fully AISI304 stainless steel welded structure.
  • The machine applies unique overturning bottle clamp, which is an innovation of our company. This bottle clamp grips bottle at neck position, avoiding bottle mouth thread contamination caused by rubber gripper block of a traditional bottle clamp. Made of AISI304 stainless steel, this bottle clamp is hygienic and durable.
  • The high efficiency atomizing spray nozzle installed on bottle clamp incorporating technology from Spaying Systems Co. Ltd., is capable of cleaning any part of bottle inner wall, and also saves rinsing water.
  • Covering of bottle clamps and elevator are product of IGUS
  • The rinse is driven by driving system positioned inside machine frame via gear transmission.

. Transfer star wheel

1) Made of stainless steel of superior quality.

2) Equipped with bottle jam protection device.

. Filler

  • The filler is designed and manufactured with application of Italy technology, providing hardware guarantee for securing product quality and reducing loss.
  • Rotary wheel are fully made of stainless steel.
  • Filling valves are designed and manufactured with German technology, , featuring high filling accuracy and high filling speed.
  • Bottles are raised and lowered by cam controlled lifting cylinder. Valve opening mechanism is actuated by air cylinder.
  • All sliding bushes of lifting device use Igus (Germany) anti-corrosion maintenance free bearing.
  • Hydraulic pump is float-ball controlled.
  • The filler is driven by driving system positioned inside machine frame via gear transmission.
  1.  Capper

1) The capper is most precise part in 3 in 1 filling machine, because the quality of machine is important to running credibility and product quality. The sealing machine in our company has strongpoint as follows:

The equipment is designed with the support of experts from school of engineering and mechanical in Shanghai JiaoTong University, and uses the technology of ZALKIN in France, most advance technology in the world, developed with the experience of asepsis filling machine. For example, Ⅰ) extruding wheel (main part to control the stability when sealing), uses the technology of ZALKIN. Kinematical and kinetic design of the wheel by experts improves the stability and credibility of the equipment. Ⅱ) Sealing faucet (main part to control the credibility of sealing), is improved by experts with the design of alnico. Besides the magnetic contortion variation device, there is variation dial, which makes variation more easily. The benefit of this design is not only it can set the contortion, but also it makes contortion more precise and credible, and reduces inferior.

2) The cover track has the device to prevent the reversal cover from passing and pick out the reversal cover. Meanwhile the photoelectric switch can stop the machine automatically when there is no cover on the track, by which it can avoid bottle without cover effectively.

3) It also has the bottle check-up switch. Together with cylinder on the joint of the cover track and cover lift, they can control the cover flow and stop it in case no bottle to reduce the quantity of cover.

4) Highly effective acentric way for cap sorting to reduce the abrasion.

5) It has the check-up device to control the cover lift.

Capability Character

It adopts hanging type conveying-bottle structure to make changing bottle model more convenient, faster and easier. The main machine adopts advanced PLC control technology. The key electric elements adopt international famous products.

Production Capacity:


CGF Series Water Filling Line Turnkey Project

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