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Pulp Juice Filling Machine 4-in-1

HPF series (4-in-1 Machine) mono-block filling machine is a full automatic multi functional combined machine integrating washing, pulp filling, juice filling and capping into one body of the machine. Developed by advanced Germany and Italy technology. It is suitable for production of high temperature filled beverage such as pulp fruit juice, fruit tea. By changing some parts, it can also be used for normal temperature filling .
Main Feature
1.This machine has applied advanced man-machine interfacial automatic control technology, the key electrical parts are of international famous brands.
2.Adopt hanging bottleneck locked method, convenient to change the type of bottles.
3.Constant temperature recycling system can be fixed with automatic temperature control and automatic backflow.
4.Spring type washing and cleaning grippers are applied, empty bottles can automatically turn over 180癲egree with tracks, twice washing and cleaning for inside and outside ,the washing and cleaning efficiency is rather high.
5.Pressure type filling to position the liquid level, the filling precision is accurate.
6.Magnetic torque type capping head, assure the cap fastened tightly but no damage.
7.Adopt filling heads run up and down, the bottles run in one level to make sure the stability of the bottles in and out.
8.The machine adopts perfect overload protective device can ensure the operator and machine safe.
9.This machine adopts adjustable frequency converter.
10.The control system has many functions, such as control producing speed, cap shortage detection, bottle block automatic stop and production counting etc.
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